SSEDA is a charity supporting the English Benedictine community of Saint Edmund at Douai Abbey in its monastic life, its ministry within the Church, and its outreach to the wider community.

Since its foundation in Paris in 1615, the English Benedictine community of Saint Edmund has served the Church through prayer and worship, as well as by ministry in education and on parishes.

Settled since 1903 at Douai Abbey on the edge of the Berkshire Downs, the monks still serve parishes in England Wales, as well as pursuing the ministries of prayer and hospitality at the monastery itself. While maintaining their thriving guesthouse, the monks are exploring new ways to engage with the Church and the wider community. 

SSEDA Membership

The Society of Saint Edmund at Douai Abbey is a work of the Trustees of Douai Abbey (Registered Charity No. 236962).

Membership in the Society is by financial support. It comprises three tiers of recognition of financial support of the charity:

Companions: who commit to an annual donation of £1000 for five years.

•​ Fellows: who commit to an annual donation of £2500 for five years.

•​ Guardians: who commit to an annual donation of £5000 for five years.

Anyone donating an amount below £1000 will be considered an associate of the Society, and will receive our email newsletter when it is issued from time to time.

Donors will receive an invitation to a Donors’ Tea at the Abbey in July each year, where they will hear a report on the Society’s activities and progress and receive a copy of The Douai Magazine.

Those wishing to leave a Legacy to the Abbey will be recognised at Guardian level.

Members who are taxpayers are invited to Gift Aid their donations.

DONATIONS can be directed to one, or a combination, of four funds:

SSEDA Unrestricted Fund (for the general work of the monastery as its trustees may determine).
SSEDA Church & Liturgy Fund (for maintaing and developing the abbey church and the monastic liturgy celebrated there).
SSEDA Library & Archives Fund (for the maintenance and development of Douai Abbey’s modern library and extensive archive facilities).
SSEDA Formation Fund (for the training of monks and priests at Douai Abbey).

Please click the button below if you would like to join/donate to SSEDA. The various choices are clearly marked with SSEDA. Please consider filling in the contact form underneath the button so that you can confirm the membership tier you would like to join, or to send any other message with your donation. Thank you.